What Is Success?


Success to us is seeing men and women coming out of our homes
passionately pursuing Jesus. It’s not about ‘how many’, it’s about ‘how well’.
Rather than focus on the external, we look to the character and heart of the individual.
We want to see hearts changed from stone to flesh.

Matthew 13 compares the kingdom of God to a treasure buried in a field.
A treasure so valuable that, when found, one would gladly sell all they have to possess it. That is our hope for the men and women in our homes. That they might realize the surpassing value of knowing Jesus and joyfully surrender all they have to know Him.


At The Way we want to teach people a new way of life. We understand that people grow and mature at a different pace, and our discipleship model was designed with that in mind. This means that there is no specific time frame for completion. We are not concerned with deadlines and checklists, we are concerned with developing character, comprehension, and passionate love for Jesus.  

Our 4 phase discipleship model focuses on building a foundation for a new way of life.
Completion of each phase is dependent on the growth and maturity of the individual. We are willing to walk alongside the men and women in our homes for
as long as it takes to see them succeed.

The men and women in our homes also work together in our social enterprise,
Huli Huli Hawaiian Grill. It is here that we help develop important life and work skills that will last a lifetime.